Dark Powers

Unseen masters clutch the Realms of Dread in a jealous grip, intently pouring over it’s every detail. This loathsome world is theirs – their creation, their plaything to do with as they wish. Their mists can reach every mortal world, yet within their realm, no force or god can stand in their way.

So vast and implacable are these masters, that few denizens in the lands of mist even suspect they exist and no mortal can comprehend their the roles they play in their grand design.

The unseen masters fill their realm with sights both glorious and terrible. They create lives and destroy innocents. They bathe the night sky in the light of the full moon, raising a chorus of baying wolves. They paint the rosy skies with dawn each morning, sending the minions of Darkness back to their tombs. They reward Virtue, but allow evil to torment it. They reward evil, then torment it themselves. They silently observe heroes and villains, subtly ensuring that their paths cross.

The Realm of Dread is a grand tapestry, woven from the threads of mist, shadow, and dreams. but only the unseen masters can see it’s patterns in all their awful glory.

In the world of Ravenloft, these unseen masters are known as the Dark Powers.

Dark Powers

Ravenloft: Generations of suffering DMAngus4