Welcome to Ravenloft… you poor unfortunate souls…

Welcome to the Realm of Terror, a land of fear and wonder, horror and beauty. Located in the Demiplane of Dread, this Artificial pocket world was crafted by the Dark Powers. It serves as home and prison to some of the evilest villains known to the Prime Material Plane. Whether you were born here (yes fate can be cruel), or brought here by the Mist, a Conjuncture, a malfunctioning portal, or your own choices, you are now stuck in a living hell. The very land feeds evil, yet punishes it. Good is Anathema to the realm, and Magic is twisted by the negative energies of the plane. Though it is easy to find your way here, leaving is a totally different matter.

Why Ravenloft, you ask?

Because I’m a bit Sadistic… but really, Ravenloft has a certain feel to it that other campaign settings don’t. A darker, more sinister one. Ravenloft both rewards and punishes evil. It is a world where one can indulge in not only in horror, but beauty as well. If you see a rose in a field of flowers, there is nothing special about it. But if it is standing alone in a barren field, it stands out all the more beautifully. Ravenloft is a world of extremes, one where even Mundane beauty, like a baby’s laugh or the aforementioned rose is made all the more beautiful. Through Ravenloft, even the most Jaded gamer can be awe struck like a first timer.

Beyond the setting’s feel, what other changes can be expected?

Magic works differently in the Realm of Terror. Those experienced with the setting knows what I mean, and for new players, the answer is in the Campaign’s player’s guide that’s easy to find.

When will it be ran?

On Saturday Nights, up until 9:45, two saturdays a month minimum on the Pen and Paper Games chatroom. (Barring major holidays like Christmas, Valentines Day, etc.)

When will you be starting?

I aim to start by the beginning of 2012. Since I plan to start before the Grand Conjecture, there will be much to do. The setting is planned to be Multi-generational, so even escape might not be perminant. After all, though the Dark Powers let you return home, nothing says they can’t snatch your character or a relative/offspring.

What level will we be starting out at?

For the first campaign, you will be starting out at 4th Level. Future characters will be determined based off of events within the realm.

How will we reach 4th Level before the start of the Game?

You can either come up with your own history or you can be ran through a few adventures before the Campaign start by me. Running the characters would be preferred if there’s time, since it will give you the chance to have adventures to run with other members who might be from the same setting, building up teamwork and helping players to explain why their character has that specific magical item/weapon/armor instead of just because you ‘felt like having them possess it.’ No matter what you choose, each character will have to RP out the Prologue before the first adventure.

What Campaign settings can characters originate from?

Your characters can come from Greyhawk (The Default 3rd/3.5 setting), Forgotten Realms, Eberron, Dragonlance, or, with later generations, from within Ravenloft itself.

How do I join?

PM me on Pen and Paper Games. My identity there is DMAngus. After you roll your starting stats in front of me, I’ll provide you with your money/any magic items. You can use the appropriate generator through www.pathwayguy.com to finish your character out with the help of the 3.5 Player’s Guide and the info on the costs of your gear.

Ravenloft: Generations of suffering