Domains (General)

Ravenloft currently contains over 30 domains, each the personal prison and realm of power of a lord. The domains are like small countries with distinct political borders. Each domain reflects the personality of the lord who prompted it’s creation. The domains are solid and real, and most appear no different from the Material Plane. Residents and visitors to this Demiplane can travel across borders, while lords can not.

Twenty Six of the domains comprise one solid landmass known as the Core. Barovia, Strahd’s domain, lies at the heart of this “Continent of Discontent.” Strahd is not the most powerful lord, only the first.

Eight known domains are “Islands of Terror,” floating independantly in the misty seas of the Ravenloft demiplane. Each is perminantly surrounded by the Mists. Their origin may be as varied as the islands in other worlds, calving from the Core like icebergs or erupting like fountains of lava, which later cool and solidify. Because Ravenloft is ever-changing, these islands may drift together and become one, or or simply sink back into the mists and vanish.

The lord of each domain is evil, but many people are good and kind of heart. Unfortunately, most are too guarded or afraid to show this side to a stranger. Others are too ignorant or dumb to combat the evil around them. Yet, in the midst of this darkness, small bastions of goodness take hold. To survive, they must stay in the shadows and choose their actions carefully.

Domains (General)

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