Permanent Gates

The mists are the most common means of entry to Ravenloft, but not the only way. According to legends, a few perminant gates or portals also exist that lead to the Demiplane. Most Portals exist on the Prime Material Plane, where they are rare and well hidden. Some only exist or at certain times or when certain circumstances are true. Most appear to lead to the Misty Border. All are one way gates. Each perminant gate provides entrance to Ravenloft, but none provide an escape.

Below are some of the known gates to Ravenloft. Presumably, there are others that have yet to be discovered or reported.

Krynn: The world of Krynn is rumored to have two gates to Ravenloft. One is on the continent of Ansalon, somewhere in the wilderness near Xak Tsaroth. Any details of this portal’s operations or precise location has been lost to the Ages. The other is on the continent of Taladas. Where the Steamwall Mountains meet Blackwater Glade lies a cave. Inside this cave is a portal. It is a mist filled doorway, magical and glowing.

Faerun: In the area known as the Forgotten Realms, there is a gate in the Greycloak Hills, on the western edge of Anauroch. According to rumors, a pit takes you to Ravenloft. In the Eastern realm of Kara Tur is a small, nameless island. It lies east of the continent and south of Wa. On the morn following a new moon, a mist rolls in from the sea and gently laps at the island’s shore. Anyone standing in the turf is transported to Ravenloft.

Oerth: On Oerth, where the City of Greyhawk stands, there is a Gate just below a summit in the A small alcove in the rocks contains a misty opening. The opening leads to Ravenloft. Another portal is rumored to lie in the Ruins of Greyhawk.

Eberron: Though gates exist to Ravenloft from the world of Eberron, none are common knowledge. It is assumed that whoever created or found them never returned to report where or what was found.

Permanent Gates

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