351: Barovia appears in Ravenloft

470: The Vishtani Madame Eva and Strahd forge an agreement.

528: Powerful heroes invades Castle Ravenloft and perish.

542: Azalin the Lich enters Ravenloft.

547: Forlorn appears.

575: Arak, the Drow Kingdom, appears.

579: The domain, Mordent, enters Ravenloft. Darkon appears.

581: Illithid form Bluetspur

588: Keening appears.

593: Gundarak is formed.

603: Invidia takes shape.

610: Harkon Lukas, the wolfwere, enters Ravenloft.

613: Kartakass (Lukas’ domain) appears.

625: Valachan takes shape.

684: Borca appears.

689: Vlad Drakov enters Ravenloft.

690: Falkovnia appears.

691: Tepes appears.

694: Richemulot appears.

698: Markovia is formed.

700: Drakov invades Darkon and is repelled.

702: G’Henna appears.

704: Drakov invades Darkon for a second time and is repelled.

707: Dementlieu appears.

708: Arkandale appears.

711: Drakov invades Darkon and is repelled.

714: Hazlan takes shape.

715: Dorvinia takes shape.

720: Lord Soth enters Ravenloft and Sithicus takes shape.

722: Drakov invades Darkon and is repelled.

730: Verbrek takes shape.

735: The timeline, as known, is recorded for the first time. (Campaign begins)


Ravenloft: Generations of suffering DMAngus4